Three Symphonies and a Concerto


December 2013

This music is of a time and place—the place of my birth and the summers I have lived there.

May 2014

As go the seasons so too Life. However foreboding the horizon, at no time have I not wanted one.

December 2012

Nostalgia in rhythm • Recollections indelibly imprinted • Memories of an irretrievable past

Three Symphonies and a Concerto

About 3 years ago I began a project to record the 8 symphonies and some other other music I had written over the past 30 years. To date the recordings of 3 symphonies and a piano concerto have been completed. These 4 works are now available in a 4-CD set. For more details scroll down and click on each disc.

December 2014

Though the past, once it’s over, is forever over, we who live in the present do what we

can to conjure it up again.

The Physical 4-CD set includes a 40 page booklet that tells the story behind the composition and production of these four works.

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Three Symphonies and a Concerto is also available wherever digital downloads are sold.

Three Symphonies and a Concerto, Physical CD (4 CD Set).  Includes Symphonies No 1, 3 and 5, and the Hometown Concerto.

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