Don Juan Profético

Don Juan,

the very incarnation of libertinism, sensuality and arrogant blasphemy, has been immortalized through the ages by such creative giants as Mozart, Byron and Shaw.  In this treatise he is alive and well in today’s society.

This work is a modern parody of the Don Juan legend that mixes the audacity of a free-thinker with the intrigue of an aesthete whose love of beauty is as entertainingly refreshing as it is steadfastly revolutionary.  To the business associates and colleagues of author William Call—the chief executive officer of a $100,000,000 corporation—his creative thought is governed by conservatism commensurate with the life style of a churchgoing family man.  Little do they know, for in these pages are some daringly iconoclastic ideas on the age-old subjects of love, sex, morality and religion.

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