Part 3: Mountain Meadows Massacre - 1857


From Monday September 7 to Friday September 11, 1857 a series of attacks against

the Baker-Fancher emigrant wagon train culminated in the mass slaughter of the

emigrant party by members of the Utah Territorial Militia from the Iron County district.  Among the assailants were some Paiute Native Americans. The militia, officially called the Nauvoo Legion, was made up of southern Utah Mormon settlers.  Militia leaders feared a possible confrontation with a 2500-man unit of the U.S. military in route to Utah.  Intending to leave no witnesses and prevent reprisals, the perpetrators killed all the adults and older children—about 120 men, women, and children. Seventeen children, all younger than 7, were spared.

Depiction of Mountain Meadows in Harper’s Weekly, August 13, 1859

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Mountain Meadows Massacre

by William Call

Mountain Meadows, 1877 Lithograph, Unknown Artist