Relativism: The Riddle of Reality

Reality is a relationship

     The vast majority of people are in denial when it comes to reality. To take paradox seriously would be to stand what they think ought to be real on its head. Could reality be what people think it shouldn’t be? It could! A world with its head at the top and its feet at the bottom, that is the expected world—the one nobody has ever experienced! The reason people’s search for reality has been a failure is that they have expected to find what they were looking for. But instead of looking in front of them they should have turned to the right and to the left at the same time!

     People have sown certainty and reaped paradox. They have planted straightforwardness and harvested equivocation. But who is surprised? Who thought it would be otherwise? And who is disappointed?

     Let us not smile, and let us not smirk or be too quick to judge. Despite a thousand missteps and a thousand misgivings all is not lost. Something is real. Something is forever. Let us sing praises; let us raise our voices; and let us bow in reverence to ambiguity, enigma, and contradiction. These are real!

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