Symphony No. 1 for Orchestra & Chorus

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Instrumentation: 2222, 222, timpani, strings and Chorus (1982).  Study and conductor scores and parts are available upon request.  Contact me.

Let the Mountains Shout for Joy

Let your hearts rejoice and be glad.

Let the earth break forth into singing.

Let the mountains shout for joy,

And ye valleys cry aloud;

And ye seas and ye dry lands

Tell the wonders of your king!

And ye rivers and brooks

And rills flow down with gladness.

Let the woods and all the trees

Of the field praise the Lord!

And ye solid rocks weep for joy!

Let the sun, moon, and the morning stars sing together,

Let all the sons of God shout for joy!

And let the eternal creations

Declare his name forever and ever!

And again I say, how glorious is the voice

That we hear from heaven,

Proclaiming in our ears glory and salvation;

And honor, and immortality, and eternal life;

Kingdoms, principalities, and powers!

                     Joseph Smith (adapted)


A choir of professional singers performs the 4th movement, “Let the Mountains Shout for Joy” at Soularium Studios in Alpine Utah.

Syncopation 6:19Symphony_No._1_Let_the_Mountains_files/Symphony%201,%20movement%201.mp3
Pastoral 8:26Symphony_No._1_Let_the_Mountains_files/Symphony%201,%20movement%202.mp3
Waltz 3:47Symphony_No._1_Let_the_Mountains_files/Symphony%201,%20movement%203.mp3
Let the Mountains
Shout for Joy 8:56Symphony_No._1_Let_the_Mountains_files/Symphony%201,%20movement%204.mp3

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Dr. Brady Allred rehearses the Choir

Engineer Stoker White records the Choir performance in the control room at Soularium

The control room at Thunder Music Studio, where the entire production was recorded (minus the timpani and choir) and assembled over several months during 2014.

Symphony No. 1

Production Information

© 2014 William Call

Thor Call, Producer & Engineer

Recorded, mixed & mastered at

Thunder Music, Orem, Utah

Choir and Timpani recorded at Soularium by Stoker White


Flute —  Jeannine Goeckeritz

Oboe — Bonnie Schroeder

Clarinet — Daron Bradford

Bassoon — Chris Smith

French Horn — Kenji Hood

Trumpet — Seretta Hart

Trombone — Will Kimball

Bass Trombone — Zachary Crawford

Timpani — Ron Brough

Violin 1&2 — Robert Landes, Andrea Hughes

Viola — Emily Brown, LeeAnn Morgan, Gina Connelly

Cello — Garrick Woods, Thor Call, Tavy Davenport, Andy Speirs

Bass — Eric Hansen


Dr. Brady R. Allred, Conductor

Jane R. Fjeldsted, Choir Contractor


Michelle Dean

Ali Engebretsen 

Shannon Shepherd

Tara Wardle

Ashley Wright


Trevor Fanning

Luke Gilzean

Adam Griffiths

Cliff King 

Cecil Sullivan 


Elizabeth Bankhead

Demaree Brown

Maureen Hatch

Kate Kocherhans

Whitney Larsen


Steven Durtschi

Paul Hill

Isaac Jackson

Rex Kocherhans

Austin Thorpe

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Photos by Curtis MacPherson and Thor Call