Symphony No. 2 for Orchestra & Chorus

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Instrumentation: 2222, 22, timpani, strings and chorus (1983).  Study and conductor scores and parts are available upon request.  Contact me.

Adam Fell that Man Might Be

All things are done in the wisdom 

   of him who knoweth all things.

Adam fell that man might be;

Men are that they might have joy.

                Joseph Smith (adapted)


Symphony No. 2

For Orchestra and Chorus

Post Peccatum Mundus

Men are that they might have joy


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©2015 William Call

Thor Call - Producer & Engineer

Recording, mixing & mastering at Thunder Music, Orem, Utah

Choir and timpani recorded at Soularium


Flute - Jeannine Goeckeritz

Oboe - Bonnie Schroeder

Bassoon - Chris Smith

French Horn - Kenji Hood

Trumpet - Seretta Hart

Timpani - Ron Brough

Violin - Andrea Hughes,  Sara Staples, Sarah Abbott

Viola - Emily Brown, Gina Connelly

Cello - Garrick Woods, Thor Call

Bass - Eric Hansen


Dr. Brady R. Allred, Conductor

Jane R. Fjeldsted, Choir Contractor

1. Adam to Eve

2. Eve to Adam

3. Adam defies, Eve consoles

4. Men are that they might have joy


Kiersten Honaker

Angela LeBaron

Chelsea Lindsay

Deborah Neerings

Ashley Wright


Isaac Jackson

Josh Jessop

Rex Kocherhans

Dave Reeder

Wayne Scott


Demaree Brown

Rachael Charles

Jane Fjeldsted

Heather Hodge

Kelly Nelson


Karsten Longhurst

Makay Miller

Mitchel Orton

Zach Pearce

Andrew Wardle

Artwork above

“Adam and Eve” Albrecht Dürer, 1504