2. At Home 9:57

3. Atravelin’ 4:30

4. The Circus Parade


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1. At Work 6:16Symphony_No._4_Country_Scenes_files/Symphony%201-1.mp3

Symphony No. 4:

Caricatures of an Irretrievable Past

Instrumentation: 3222, 4231, timpani, percussion, and strings (1993).  Study and conductor scores and parts are available upon request.  Contact me.

Symphony No. 4

Caricatures of an

Irretrievable Past

©2015 William Call

Thor Call - Producer & Engineer

Recording, mixing & mastering at Thunder Music Studio, Orem, Utah

Timpani and percussion recorded by Stoker White at Soularium, Alpine Utah


Flute - Jeannine Goeckeritz

Clarinet - Daron Bradford

Oboe - Bonnie Schroeder

Bassoon - Chris Smith

French Horn - Kenji Hood

Trumpet - Seretta Hart

Timpani - Ron Brough

Violin - Sarah Abbott, Erin Durham, Andrea Hughes,

David Price, Sara Staples, Cymrie Van Drew

Viola - Emily Brown, Gina Connelly

Cello - Garrick Woods, Thor Call

Bass - Eric Hansen

Artwork above

“Beethoven in Uniform”

Calvin Sumsion c. 1967

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