As go the seasons so too life. In autumn time the future is foreboding yet tantalizing nonetheless.  However dark the horizon, at no time have I not wanted one. Time passes and once past is irretrievable. The older I get the more precious

the time remaining. Whether the glass is half full or half empty may be disputed, but does anyone dispute the glass? I’m approaching a curve in the road. How well will I negotiate it? Is one opportunity better than another? Anything new is risky. When entering the unknown one leaves choice at the door. To enter suffices to place

one’s bets. I proceed with hope unabated.  Refusing to play is not an option.

                                    William Call

Symphony No. 5

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Track 1. Allegro Moderato 7:08

Track 2. Largo ma con Moto 7:07

Track 3. Danza Mistica 6:45

Track 4. Grave, Allegro 8:09

This symphony had its beginning in 1999, 10 years after the Third Symphony.   There is in it a sense of seriousness not present in my previous music.  When I wrote the symphony I had turned 60 and realized I was well past the halfway mark.  I was entering, if not already in, the autumn of my life, and this symphony, although I didn’t consciously note it at the time, marked my entry into this new phase.  Was the gravity of what I was writing a harbinger of the coming end, or merely a reminder that living life is serious business?  The dormancy of winter follows the foreboding of fall.  The two are of course inseparable.

The subtitles of both the third and fifth symphonies are afterthoughts, tacked on years later.  I believe they are both fitting, but I did not when I sat down to write them have something predetermined in my mind.  What “made” me write what I did is not now and was not then consciously apparent.

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