The Trial of Faith

Will Mormons be proud or ashamed...

...when the premises they have held to be sacred are reduced to fundamental concepts? The author here puts them to the test in a unique presentation of dialogue.  The results of that probing examination are both provocative and startling.

John Johnson, an active but individualistic Mormon intellectual, who resides in a small Great Basin community, finds himself at odds with his more orthodox neighbors because of his search into the deeper meaning of Mormon theology.  Following a public statement of his religious views, he is charged with heresy by local Church officials and summoned to appear in a church court.

Prior to the court, a family friend joins the Johnsons in a series of theological discussions where John attempts to explain the basis of his unorthodoxy.  In the face of doctrinal conflict, the friend finds that his “correlated” Church view is not easily defended against the force of John’s penetrating arguments.

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